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  1. What is Short Message Service (SMS)?
  2. What are Short Messages?
  3. What are Long Messages?
  4. What is SMSC?
  5. Which API Protocol can I use?
  6. What is SMPP?
  7. What languages does M800 SMS support?
  8. I sent an SMS but it didn't reach its destination - what should I do?
  9. Is the message a long multipart message?
  10. What format is required for the destination number?
  11. Why is my message split into multiple messages?
  12. Do different countries have any special content handling?
  13. My message is stuck on sent. What does this mean?
  14. Am I charged for rejected messages?
  15. Getting Started Guide

  16. Contact M800 support
  17. The dashboard includes:
  18. Record/report/transaction date
  19. What is Test Tool?
  20. What is detailed report?
  21. What is a sender address?
  22. What is sender address verification?
  23. Who is charged for the verification of sender addresses?
  24. How many sender addresses can I add?
  25. Why was the message rejected? What is Invalid Sender Rejection?
  26. Can I change the sender address for M800 Outbound SMS?
  27. What is the maximum length for a sender address?
  28. What is the M800 testing period?
  29. What if I used up all my free test messages?
  30. Where can I find my API key and API secret? or System ID and password
  31. Troubleshooting the Rest HTTP/ SMPP API - User/login details
  32. How secure is the transmission?
  33. Should I bind with the transceiver or transmitter/receiver?
  34. What is the keep-alive frequency that I need to set?
  35. How do I send a message?
  36. How quickly can I connect to M800?
  37. How many countries and carriers can I reach via M800 Outbound SMS?
  38. How fast can I send Outbound SMS?
  39. Can I submit a message with empty content?
  40. What is the M800 error code list?
  41. Does a delivery confirmation mean that the recipient has read the SMS?
  42. Why aren't handset delivery receipts a perfect measure of performance?
  43. What happens when you send a message to a barred number?
  44. What is the maximum content length for a long SMS message?
  45. How am I notified when my credit is low?
  46. How can I enable or disable an auto top-up?
  47. Can I top up using a credit card?
  48. Can my stored credit card information be shared for the Toll Free and SMS service?
  49. Do you charge any set-up or minimum fees for M800 Outbound SMS?
  50. Does M800 charge for every Outbound SMS?
  51. What happens if my M800 account balance reaches zero?
  52. What is package renewal?
  53. What is the PAYG model?
  54. How could I upgrade my monthly package plan?
  55. What happens if my monthly package do not have enough credit for my message submission?
  56. What happens if my PAYG credit has expired?
  57. What is a sender address in Web SMS?
  58. How can I add a sender address for Web SMS?
  59. What format does the recipient's phone number need to be in?
  60. What is a Campaign Name?
  61. What is validation?
  62. What is a "partial success" validation?
  63. What is Bulk SMS?
  64. What is Dynamic SMS?
  65. Do I need to follow any format for setting up Bulk SMS or Dynamic SMS?
  66. Why has the campaign stopped?
  67. Why can't I schedule a campaign in 5 minutes?
  68. Can I stop a scheduled campaign?
  69. When will the campaign send in February if I set the Recurrence Pattern to Monthly-31st?
  70. What is the maximum number of recipients for a Web SMS campaign?
  71. Why was my message split into multiple parts?
  72. Why is the word count for China different from the word count for International messages?
  73. What is the maximum size of an SMS message?
  74. How many messages can I send to a recipient in one campaign?
  75. What languages are supported for Web SMS campaigns?
  76. Which browsers does Web SMS support?
  77. How many Web SMS templates can I store?
  78. How many Web SMS drafts can I save?
  79. Can I export contacts from Web SMS?
  80. How many contacts can I save?
  81. Why was the Excel file that I uploaded rejected?
  82. What is the maximum number of contacts that I can import at one time?