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M800 Toll Free White Paper

M800 International Toll Free Service is a service which provides toll free calling from customers to businesses around the world. The benefit of M800 Toll Free numbers for your customers is obvious: economy, convenience and a premium service. Customers like our Toll Free numbers because they can call you free of charge, while businesses also like our toll free numbers because they increase sales and customer satisfaction. Regardless of whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a start-up, an M800 Toll Free number will give you a BIG COMPANY image, empower your marketing campaign and solve all your toll free needs under one roof. Read more...

M800 Vanity Number White Paper

Getting a vanity number can make a huge difference to your business, because customers are more likely to call numbers that they remember. When it comes to choosing a toll free number, there are differences in the selection process by businesses operating in the US market versus those operating in the Asian markets. Asians love lucky numbers, but they don't use numbers to spell words, they choose them to remind them of lucky words like "get rich", "success", or "I love you". Here we will try to explain some of the fascinating secrets of Chinese numerology to help you catch the next gold rush!  


M800 SMS White Paper

Short message service (SMS) has always been a feature of the telecommunications revolution. With the rise in prominence of other modes of communications, mainly Instant Messaging (IM) chat and video conferencing, many predicted its eventual demise. Nothing can be further from the truth. Read more...

M800 White Label White Paper

In today’s world, everyone is engaged. Walk through any shopping mall or take the subway and you will see people glued to their mobile devices, engaging in communications and collaboration. What if you could get a piece of their mindshare as they engage with their friends and businesses all over the world? Read more...


M800 SDK White Paper

Developing business applications can consume a lot of resources, time, and money. You may know that you want your app to make and receive calls and include voice-chat support, but you simply don't have the resources to figure out how to make that happen. Read more...